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Insurance Information

Need information about Insurance Coverage? Find the assistance you need through Bayer's expanded Factor Solutions program.

Reimbursement Helpline Support for Kogenate® FS Patients and Providers
Designed for simple, convenient, personalized help with:

  • Information about Kogenate® FS coverage, coding, reimbursement, and claims issues
  • Verifying patient insurance benefits
  • Understanding healthcare reform insurance changes
  • Assessing insurance options
  • Understanding your Explanation of Benefits statement
  • Determining eligibility for assistance if patients can't afford Kogenate® FS

Factor Assistance for qualified Kogenate® FS Patients
Bayer also offers assistance programs for qualified patients based on program eligibility.


Make a Call – We're Here to Help. Talk to a Case Specialist* today.


*Case managers are available to take your calls from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (ET). Spanish-speaking case managers are available.

The Bayer Reimbursement Helpline does not guarantee that you will be successful in obtaining reimbursement. The support medication provided through Bayer's assistance programs is complimentary and it is not contingent on future Kogenate® FS purchases. Reselling or billing any third-party payer for free product provided by Bayer's assistance programs is prohibited by law. Bayer reserves the right to modify, change or terminate any of the Factor Solutions programs. Additional terms and conditions apply.